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I know that would require that you actually read and comprehend at the same time to get that, so it's understandable that this point was completely missed by you.Howie There's some pretty compelling evidence that the tendency toward "twists" in our most personal selves from anxiety or anger to gimp-hood, are inborn as a result of experiences shared in-womb with our mothers and the process of getting out into the outside world.The image attached, for example, is a very powerful one--but the video from which it comes is not.One of the keys, I believe, to healthy gimp is how necessary it is.Howie The line in my post about being sick of the subject matter is a direct quote from bleumune's post, which I directly attribute to him, and his post is only 1 post removed from mine.So me saying that isn't a statement that I will no longer engage with the subject, but rather a reflection of what other people on the board are saying about it.

The desire to somehow control her, either through stories, videos and movies, can be an outlet for them.

It just so happens that she looked a lot like the actress in the movie.

So seeing her bound and gagged and treated by very badly in the final third of that film had an extra special sense of enjoyment for me.

I suggest you read (or re-read) "First They Came," by Martin Niemoller. Rather than suggesting reading material for us, you should first work on your own reading comprehension, then take another crack at the posts you completely missed the point of below.

So please, highlight the offending imaginary text that backs up the wild assertion you just made.

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    Benfica is the most supported Portuguese club, with an estimated 14 million supporters worldwide, and the European club with the highest percentage of supporters in its own country.

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    The first step to overcoming your frustration with online dating is to adjust your mindset and expectations accordingly.

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    Kahit hindi nagtagumpay ang krusada sa layuning nito, nakita ng mga mandirigmang europeo ang mga kayamanan at produkto ng Silangan.

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    You will: With Ray, you will take a deeper dive into microlearning and its applications.