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Dowd, Theodore, born 29 August 1952, died 03 October 201 in San Francisco, California, USAOur Remembrance A strong man with a huge heart, if he loved you and you were sad and crying he would cry with you, he was very comforting, I could count on him for anything, He was my father, he was my heart, I love and miss him so much!

She was the girl next door, we married in '93, split up a few years later.

Stahl, Kristina, born 02 June 1977, died 11 September 2002 in Connecticut, USAOur Remembrance Our daughter, Kristina Ann Stahl, died September 11, 2002 at the age of 25.

I am good at everything, but I can't lie, I'm the best pussy eater there's ever been!

I never thought it was possible to cry soooo many tears as I have since you\'ve been gone.

We discovered that we had to go through a whole lot to be ready for each other\'s love.

Van Syckle, Jonathan Ryan, born 22 March 1996, died 11 October 2011 in Nevada, USAOur Remembrance Jonathan was our beloved son,funny,smart,loving,he died of suicide reason that we never will know or understand.

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