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So if you're interested in extending your tour offerings I can be a cultural guide.

The only thing I'd ask is to be able to help put the trip together and require std tests for the clients before they go, to be fair to the women (and easier for the male clients).

actually I have no idea why more people arn't emigrating these days anyway, the US is a shithole (and thats coming from me, in Palestine! I;d like to offer my guiding services for central aisa (Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) as well as east africa...

I know you might not think of those places as rich dating grounds but they are fantastic.

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you are exactly right about living abroad (in most cases) and I feel like my childhood was similarly awful..

you have a very nice way of writing and it was so easy to relate to your feelings.

Anyhow I just came to the West Bank (in Palestine) for work until April, this place is the worst WORST WORST place in the world for people like us.

I agree with you that america is awful, lonely and fully of idiots (and frigid women)...

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