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Upgrade to Premium to add all these features to your account! Degree Information and Overview Geology Consultant: Summary of Coursework Dig Into Geology: How much of your life do you spend thinking about time? They are both important in terms of Earth's history and its geological timeline, and they work together in concert to definition of absolute and relative dating the planet's geological record. Relative age starts from the bottom and works upward. Since absolute time gives us points of reference, it helps calibrate relative timealso called chronostratic time 'strata' means 'layers'. For example, 60 million years is a measure of absolute time.

In this lesson, we're going to discuss what each type of time is and why it is important so that you too can understand how they work to describe past events on Earth.

In our discussion of radiometric dating, we have seen that many, indeed most, radiometric methods are self-checking.

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It is hard to see this as a coincidence; it is equally hard to think of some alternate explanation of why we can correlate isotope ratios or sclerochronological data with the relative order of rocks as deduced from stratigraphic methods — other than the straightforward explanation that absolute dating is producing the right dates.Based on the known rates of deposition, we may therefore at least say that the depths of marine sediment found on the sea floor are consistent with the ages of the igneous rocks beneath them as produced by radiometric dating.The polarity of the Earth's magnetic field is a global phenomenon: at any given time it will either be normal everywhere or reversed everywhere.Skeptical of the clockmaker's claim, we subject the clocks to shock: we shake them, drop them, hit them with hammers and shoot them out of a cannon.Throughout this process, they all go on showing exactly the same time.

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