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Step 3: “DO NOT give her permission to exchange ANY information with the lawyer.” Counterstep: What? Since you see fit to meddle in our marriage do you think I’m NOT going to know what crap advice you continue to give my husband? Step 4: “DO NOT reply to Isela’s email She’s either trying to flirt or dig up info! She’s not part of the Vibora club like you and your sister. Step 5: “DO NOT go to the meeting with the realtor.She’s just concerned about both of us as this entire situation goes from bad to worse. And for the record, why are you even thinking about going?As if his texting his Ex is going to cause real damage. I have a secret: Spouses are SUPPOSED to know each other’s “financials.” I really hope you’re pleased with yourself.You’ve prided yourself on being an actress, another lie the family believes.

The struggles we deal with as adults are variations of those classic adolescent tropes. Others were – and, surprise, remain — mean girls and boys.

We were the last of the Breakfast Club generation, spicier incarnations of the Princess, the Athlete the Criminal, the Brain and the Basket Case. We had our groups, our nicknames, our juries, our judgments, our hierarchies, our first loves, our first pains.

And as divided we ultimately became as life lead us to our chosen paths, for a small group of us, we remained steadfastly united during the 12 years we followed each other to the edge of 18.

The time isn’t ripe yet to pen that “Whatever Happened to the Class of 1985,” but it is starting to germinate.

Something happened to me during that transition years of childhood.

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