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Now that the war is over, people are beginning to intelligently pick through what really happened.The Serbs of Bosnia and especially Croatia were by and large the real victims of those wars.Updated with free continuous updates from Open Street Map.- Compass and rotation maps with very high details and beautiful colours.- Street names and Places are displayed both in local language and in default phone language.AUGMENTED REALITY NAVIGATION-Routing and Navigation also in Augmented Reality.UNIVERSAL APPLICATION- You can use it on your i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch.

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Without go out your guide.-You can take photo during your video registration.Peter Handke seems to know all this --- and a great deal of philosophy.Serbia aside, this book shows, in near-poetic language, that things are not always as journalists portray them.Written in German in late 1995 for a European audience, this 82-page book applies equally to the U. I speak as a journalist who, during 25 years of largely national U. writing, plumbed every side to every question before reaching conclusions--always over-reporting to find nuances, and often reaching conclusions only as I wrote. That is not how many, perhaps even most, journalists work. Editors expect reporters to have an angle before they present an idea. Editors will deny it, but they expect reporters to have reached some conclusion before they begin reporting, and to report to prove their points.In other words, they routinely ask journalists to put the cart before the horse --- an especially troubling phenomenon in this era of political correctness. Most are in fact after the big game, the story to make them famous, a kill.

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