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The scary immediately turns horrific when we juxtapose the celluloid and silver-screen images of Dantes, the TV soap-opera actor, against the prospective and all-too-possible image of a larger than life Dantes, the honorable senator of the Republic against the ideal qualities of a leader we seek on one end, and the severely compromised qualities of those we actually elect into one of the highest positions in the land on the other end.

The death knell for the honorable Senate has tolled before, and every now and then, perhaps too often that the august chamber we once knew as the Senate is no longer as august as its denizens are likewise no longer as honorable.

They have a male stripper physique, with cartoon sized shoulders, chests, and biceps.

Any deviation from this "ideal" can be seen as "ugly". Male beauty standards were completely different in a not such a distant past.

Yes, you may claim that he was called that only because he was very famous and not because of his looks.

But nobody was saying "cutie Johnny" or "cutie Georgie" (although girls liked them too, but not for their looks, rather for their fame and their talents).

Given the latent charges levied in the media against the Vice President derived from the Aquino administration’s campaign to exact vengeance for what ruling party officials deem as the anomalies of nonpartymates and other presidential challengers, plus the recent discussions between Benigno Aquino III and Sen.

Grace Poe on the possibility of either a presidential or vice presidential bid in 2016, and finally, the obvious ratcheting up in the dung-dirty demolition jobs instigated by one blindly ambitious official as his principal gambit to gain undeserved popularity, it might be natural to discuss leadership qualities for the country’s highest office. The traditional springboard for the presidency has always been the Senate.

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