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Khosrau I married a Christian wife, and his son Nushizad was also a Christian.

When the king was taken ill at Edessa a report reached Persia that he was dead, and at once Nushizad seized the crown and made the kingdom Christian.

In the battle which followed Nushizad was mortally wounded and carried off the field.

However, from the reign of Hormizd III (457–459) serious persecutions grew less frequent and the church began to achieve recognised status.The bishop of the capital of the Sassanid Empire, Ctesiphon, acquired the title first of catholicos, and then patriarch completely independent of any Roman/Byzantine hierarchy.Persia is considered by some to have been briefly officially Christian.According to acts 2:9 in the Acts of the Apostles there were Persians, Parthians and Medes among the very first new Christian converts at Pentecost.Since then there has been a continuous presence of Christians in Iran.

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