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For instance, you can use one in Germany, but the footage can't be posted to You Tube or other social sharing services – you can only provide it as evidence to a German court.

In Luxembourg, meanwhile, it's not illegal to own one, but recording any footage using one could land you with a fine or potentially a jail term.

However, if you’re after something a little fancier to film track days or scenic drives, then a dash cam is unlikely to cut the mustard – in that instance it’s worth considering a pricier dedicated action camera, such as a Go Pro, which will provide vastly improved image quality.

Read our pick of the best action cameras you can buy. These can be a little bulkier than single-camera models but will allow you to record both the front and rear view at the same time – meaning you’ll be better covered in the event of a collision.

If you're not sure, it pays to check online before packing one in your suitcase.

Price: £119After a recent update to its range, our previous champion dash cam the 512G has been replaced in the range by the 512GW.

If you have a particularly large vehicle or are looking to install a rear-facing dash cam, then it’s worth checking how long the supplied power and extension cables are, as you may need to get a little creative with cable routing.With a notable upwards trend in similar scams hitting the UK – crash-for-cash schemes cost insurers around £340 million a year according to the Insurance Fraud Bureau – it pays to be careful.Even if you don't get into any scrapes, some dash cams will even see your insurance cut by more than 10%, so it’s well worth investing in one if you want to guard your no-claims premium.1.For a better view of what’s happening in front of and behind you, however, some models use two separate cameras mounted in the front and rear of the car.Alternatively, of course, you can just buy two (or more) cheaper dash cams and mount them wherever you want.

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