Satin saree petticoats online dating

As the sari covers the whole legs of the wearer, the petticoat also reaches the ankles in length.

Reasons to wear a petticoat under a sari: The main purpose of a petticoat is to have its band in which the sari can be tucked around the wearer’s waist.

The second reason is to give a base to the fabric of the sari.

Most petticoats to be worn under the sari are made up of cotton or satin.The saree is a traditional Indian garment that varies from 5 to 9 yards in length the standard length being 6 yards and it is worn following a draping style.The end part of the saree is tucked and wrapped around the waist while the pallu side of the saree is draped over the shoulder, thereby partly revealing the waist.The Indian sarees holds such an important place in the tradition and culture of the country that it is considered the ideal wedding attire for the bride.The myriad at the Sarees section of Lashkaraa is sure to steal your heart and compel you fall in love with the color combinations, designs, and embroideries.

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