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According to the poll results, just 65 percent of middle and high school students reported that their health classes in school included sexuality education.

Of those, 43 percent did not learn about gender identity/expression, and 38 percent did not discuss consent in class.[vi] Similarly, poll results revealed that just 66 percent of students knew where to go for sexual and reproductive health services.

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The task force will offer recommendations for improvements in sexual health curricula, implementation of sexual health education, accountability reporting, and the training and professional development of instructors. Stringer, is intended to provide a statistical foundation to the Council by assessing the state of health instruction in city schools today, examining some of the most worrisome health trends among teenagers, outlining the associated costs of addressing those trends, and establishing the connection between sexual health education and effective prevention.Both offices offer a wealth of information and resources.For example, OCDV provides trainings on healthy intimate partner relationships for teens through the NYC Healthy Relationships Training Academy, but trainings must be requested.The failure to adequately address the needs of students is compounded by a lack of accountability to both State and City requirements about how sex ed is supposed to be taught.While New York State regulations for Health Education and Wellness require that students receive one semester of health instruction in both middle and high schools, there is no explicit requirement that health instruction include sex ed.

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