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Someone like Robin Williams is just so fun to work with where was I learned more about acting from Hoffmann.She was good, she’d been through this before and had learned how to word herself.

I kissed her firm tummy and then slowly started kissing down towards the seat of her pleasure.

I remembered my earlier thoughts about those lovely toes of hers. She seemed unsure at first but a reassuring look from me eased her mind apparently. first over her muscular calve then up over her thigh.

I took her big toe into my mouth and started to suck on it. As my hand came closer to her crotch Kirsten started to wiggle under my touch.

I ran my tongue over the bridge of her foot kissing each to individually. I placed my hand on her crotch and I could feel the heat bubbling inside her.

I undid the button of her shorts and started to ease them down.

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